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About the Virtual Autism Walk

This event is so much more than just awareness - the Virtual Autism Walk encourages individuals in cities across the state to invite a few (less than 10) of their biggest supporters, friends, family, co-workers and classmates to wear their favorite autism shirt, go for a Walk outside, visit a park, or stay indoors! Whatever you choose, share a photo of you and your crew on social media supporting #AutismAcceptanceAL and mention your city. Let's celebrate the unique abilities individuals with autism bring to our community!

What is a Virtual Walk?     

     - A virtual walk is a real walk, but on your terms: You get choose your own course, what time you start, and who walks next to you!          We encourage you to wear your favorite autism tee and share a photo of you on social media using the hashtag      



How can YOU get involved?

    - Invite your friends, family, coworkers and others to join 

      - Share how autism has impacted your life in a positive way

      - Encourage someone to see all abilities and not disabilities

Thanks to Our Amazing Sponsors!

Sponsoring the Autism Walk is a WIN-WIN for all. Not only will you be supporting thousands of families statewide through compassionate programs but your business will be recognized on social media and t-shirts. (Due to COVID-19 and the new restructure of the Walk for Autism events, we will only print t-shirts for pre-registrations) 


Your fundraising efforts help provide many programs statewide for individuals and families affected by autism which now affects 1 in every 59 people. Visit to learn more about the Autism Society of Alabama.

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